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      Hello, welcome to Tianjin Lefin Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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      ABOUT US


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      Corporate Beliefs: Offer happy and graceful work to the employees; support the successful future of the employees.

      Corporate Values: Thanksgiving with self correction, pursue without going beyond the rules, accomplish without claiming credit.

      Corporate Spirits: Honest, positive, self-support,endeavor,Harmonious and Win-Win.

      Corporate Rules: Ensure quality with corporate culture;

      Accomplish future with ensured quality. 


      LEFIN STEEL headoffice

      Address: Hengtai Road,Daqiuzhuang Town,Jinghai County,Tianjin,China 

      Phone: +86 22 58171905
      Fax:    +86 22 58171902

      E-mail:  info@lefinsteel.com


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